I have been tremendously proud to become a published author for nearly the last two decades, not only creating written work, but having the privilege to speak to students, executives, aspiring writers and more to discuss the topics addressed, to answer questions, or to just help to inspire others in their writing career. Please read more about my published work below, click to purchase, and also please enjoy a sneak peek into my latest work coming soon!


Published in 1999, this educational thesis quickly became a leading title featuring both the image of the Barbie Doll in popular culture, as well as a marketing and business analysis of how the Mattel corporation consistently maintained a successful market product. Today, this title is still used in the Communications curriculum of colleges and universities nationwide, and is regularly used as a top research tool on the iconic Barbie Doll. 

In this book title, I proudly served as an expert in social media and as a contributing writer to this project which helps to guide the medical community on how to properly market, promote, and grow their medical practice. 

A preview of upcoming fictional novel, Casino Nights by Kristin Weissman

It happened just as it did every night. As she swiftly glided down the gleaming silver staircase, the power took hold. Her heart began to race, her eyes quickly scanned the chaotic room, and instantly every part of her being was catapulted into a world like no other. As her foot hit the ground, Devon Matthews felt her senses intensely come alive. 

Immediately Devon knew what to do. She had to begin her walk of the casino floor. A floor that encompassed every facet of human life - the height of passion and excitement, the low of desensitization and destruction, the extreme thrill of beating the odds, and the mystery of all that was to come. But for Devon, it was about the facade. The external package that drew people to the door in droves and forced time to slip away. The glitter and glisten of thousands of lights; the music pounding through the lounge that seemed to reach every inch of the room and creep into the soul of her step; the hustle of people strategically playing on the gaming floor praying that the next spin, the next card, or the next roll of the die was meant only for them; the opulence of every detail that contributed to the remarkable décor that graced the ideal surroundings; and the control of knowing that much of this glamour belonged to her.

  As a 28 year-old Vice President of The Legacy Hotel and Casino, Devon Matthews met each day with an uphill battle. She was trapped in a world that she loved. A world that she fought to get into, and unknown to her, a world she would fight to escape. She did not fit the mold of the cutthroat, unscrupulous, often brilliantly scheming female counterparts that she faced in battle. However, Devon made it to the top and was still reaching. And when everything felt as if it was collapsing in around her, she was motivated by those lights, the noise, the human interaction, and the anticipation that the following dawn would bring, yet another, casino night.

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